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AIIM's research and publications provide neutral and unbiased market research reflecting the wisdom of our 80,000 community of information professionals, helping you match and measure your ROI and implementation issues.

Our Document Process Outsourcing survey is now open. Please take it here.

Paper Wars IW CoverAIIM's new Industry Watch research paper, "Paper Wars 2014 - Update from the Battlefield" is now available!

One of our pivotal annual research initiatives, this report takes an in-depth look at the amount of paper in the office, the battle plans to remove it, the take up of digital mailrooms and multi-channel capture, and the influence of mobile and cloud. We also look at the progress towards paper-free processes, the benefits and ROI.

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Congratulations to our prize winners:

  • Abigail Bonk from Seattle, won an Apple iPad Air in our SharePoint Survey in January.
  • Tracey Jarvis, Corporate Records Manager at SAIT Polytechnic, won an Apple iPad Air in our paper efficiency and business processes survey in November.

  • Kathy Fur, in Global Information & Technology Risk Management at BMO Financial Group, won an Apple iPad Air in our Data Clean up Survey in October.
  • Carolina Menendez, a Librarian from Maryland, won an Apple iPad Mini in our Digital Signatures survey in August. 
  • Rowena Duff, a Supervisior from Lakewood, WA, won an Apple iPad Air in our Search and Discovery Survey in August

  • Tracie Esmaili, Graduate Enrollment and Int'l Student Coordinator at James Madison University, won an Apple iPad Mini in our Digital Signatures survey in August.

  • Shirley Derrick, Corp Info Management - Team Leader at WE Energies, won an Apple iPad Air in our System Monitoring survey in July. 

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