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AIIM's research and publications provide neutral and unbiased market research reflecting the wisdom of our 80,000 community of information professionals, helping you match and measure your ROI and implementation issues.

Info Gov  IW CoverAIIM's new Industry Watch research paper, "Case Management and Smart Process Applications" is now available! Packed with facts and stats that you can use to justify your investment in case management - or give you reasons to start thinking about these tools if you haven't already.

The report takes an in-depth look at the applicability of smart process applications, the experience of early adopters, the drivers for improved case management, and the feature sets required of a modern case management system. With 44% of those polled saying that customers expect a faster response, how are you handling your case management?

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Congratulations to our prize winners:

  • Rowena Duff, a Supervisior from Lakewood, WA, won an Apple iPad Air in our Search and Discovery Survey in August

  • Tracie Esmaili, Graduate Enrollment and Int'l Student Coordinator at James Madison University, won an Apple iPad Mini in our Digital Signatures survey in August.

  • Shirley Derrick, Corp Info Management - Team Leader at WE Energies, won an Apple iPad Air in our System Monitoring survey in July.

  • Michael Frazier, Director, Information Goverance at TERIS, won a high spec Microsoft Surface 2 in our Case Management survey in June.

  • Sue Gerrity, Corporate Records Manager at Luminate360, won an Apple iPad Air in our Customer Communication Archiving survey in May.

  • Ken Williams, Senior Project Manager at Evoke Consulting, won an Apple iPad Air in our Information Governance survey in April.

  • Stephen Mackey, Senior IM Consultant at Kefron, won an Apple iPad Mini in our Document Servcie Providers survey in March.

  • Rex Alison at Direct TV won an Apple iPad Air in our Cloud, Collaboration Industry Watch survey in February.

  • Megan Sibbert, ECM Business Manager at City of Bellevue, won an Apple iPad Air in our Public Sector ECM Cloud decisions survey in Febraury.

  • Mike Rogers, Accounting Manager at ATi Wah Chang, won an Apple iPad Air in our Financial Services survey in January.

  • Aynsley Taylor, Knowledge Advisor at Financial Ombudsman Service, won an Apple iPad Air in our ECM Maturity Tool prize draw in January.

  • Scot Witt, Senior Business Analyst at Allstate, won a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in our Big Data survey in October.

  • Tri Howard, Records Manager at Port of Tacoma, won the Apple iPad with Retina display in our SharePoint survey in August.

 For information about AIIM Market Intelligence research, please contact:

Doug Miles, Director, Market Intelligence. For more insights into our research results, see Doug's blog ECM by Numbers.