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AIIM's research and publications provide neutral and unbiased market research reflecting the wisdom of our 80,000 community of information professionals, helping you match and measure your ROI and implementation issues.

AIIM has just published our pivotal annual research on Paper-free processes. An executive summary version of the report is available at no charge.

Mobile_Cloud_2015_Small_Cover"Paper-Free Progress: measuring outcomes" is also available as a comprehensive report for Professional Members only.

The report takes an in-depth look at the amount of paper in the office, the impediments to removing it, the take up of digital mail rooms and multi-channel capture, and the increasing exploitation of mobile capture and cloud. 

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Congratulations to our prize winners:

  • MarySusan Barry, KIM Transparency and Open Data Specialist at BIS, won an Apple iPad Air 2 in our survey on Content Creation in November.
  • Rebecca Florence, Information and Records Management Adviser at Transport for London, won an Apple iPad Air 2 in our Information Governance survey in October.
  • David Jacopille, a System Architect at MSF, won an Apple iPad Air 2 in our Managing Inbound Communications survey in September.
  • Jack Black, Information Systems Manager at Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan, won a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in our Digital Office survey in August.
  • Stephanie Warner, Coordinator, Corporate History & Current Events at Renewable Energy Group, won a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in our Cloud and Mobile survey in July.
  • Peter Rolfe, Head of Customer Data Processing at Saga PLC, won an Apple iPad Air in our Finance Operations survey in July.
  • Dana Russell, Information Governance Specialist at DST Systems, won a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in our survey on Information Professionals in June.
  • Sherry Evans, Sr. Application Developer at Duke Energy Corp., won an Apple iPad Air in our Content Analytics survey in May.  
  • Dr. Robert L. Bailey, CRM, MIT, ECMp – Clark County Department of Aviation, Las Vegas, won an Apple iPad Air in our governance, compliance and risk survey in April.
  • Angela Moore, Process Design Team Leader from Dudley won an Apple iPad Air in our Document Process Intelligence Survey in March.
  • Toby Sugden, Records Management Consultant at The British Land Company PLC, won an Apple iPad Air in our document processing outsourcing survey in March.
  • Abigail Bonk from Seattle, won an Apple iPad Air in our SharePoint Survey in January.

     For information about AIIM Market Intelligence research, please contact:

    Doug Miles, Director, Market Intelligence. For more insights into our research results.