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2017 State of Information Management: Are Businesses Digitally Transforming or Stuck in Neutral?

Industry Watch

In this comprehensive report, we look at how private and public organizations move to adopt and implement the latest technologies to build out their information management ecosystems and digitally transform their operational processes, there are challenges to be overcome in extending the capabilities—once confined to the desktop—beyond the corporate walls to extended transactional processes.

Disruptive BPM for Disruptive Times - 5 Key Requirements

AIIM Tip Sheet

In today's world of business, agility and efficiency are now required for success and that means a more modern, no-code approach to BPM that empowers the people who understand your business needs the best to control and update your processes. In this FREE tips sheet we review "Disruptive BPM" and highlight: 1) 5 key requirements you should look for in a disruptive BPM platform; 2) How no-code BPM solutions are changing the way we work: 3) How to think differently about your approach to BPM.

From Documents to Content to Data

AIIM White Paper

Relational databases typically store information in rows and columns in tables, with column names providing the linkages between tables. The relational model works terrifically well within a particular database, but can create challenges across databases, particularly at scale when linking vast volumes of data with inconsistent naming conventions. For over two decades, the disciplines of content management and data management have existed in somewhat parallel universes. This disconnect has manifested itself in a lack of integration between data-centric business systems and ECM systems. Download this new e-book exploring the connections between documents and content and data.

7 Key Changes in Content Management

AIIM Tip Sheet

In this tip sheet, AIIM’s Chief Evangelist John Mancini outlines 7 key areas where Information Management is advancing to Content Services and a look at some changes 2017/2018 will bring to the market.

4 Ways ECM Turned Out Differently Than We Planned

AIIM Tip Sheet

The term Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has been with us for 15 years. It hasn’t been a perfect term, and perhaps in truth has been better suited as a description of a strategy than as a description for a set of IT tools and technologies. Inherent in this was the vision of a much wider set of knowledge workers working within a common content management environment. The reality, though, turned out to be somewhat different. Download this new tip sheet exploring the question of how and whether to migrate or sync disparate repositories.

How Should We Think About Modernizing Information Management?

AIIM Tip Sheet

A lot has happened in the last 20 years that has changed the way we manage our information. With indicators showing even more changes and advancements on the way, it’s important to start modernizing now. How are content transparency, usability and mobility coming together? Why are cloud and hybrid implementations on the rise? How are compliance and risk affecting the complexity of business operations? Download this FREE tip sheet and learn how to prepare for the significant changes underway.

5 Key Information Challenges in Improving Supplier Relationships

AIIM Tip Sheet

Leading manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food and natural resource organizations are quickly realizing that the set of processes that surround procurement are not only key to short-term cost reduction, but are also important in shaping their overall competitive advantage. This is due to 3 main reasons: 1) Procurement-related costs are usually the largest single cost in the manufacturing process; 2) Procurement processes are a key source of waste in the drive to Lean processes; and 3) Strategic supplier relationships are now critical to innovation and staying competitive. Download this FREE tip sheet and learn how to combine your Supplier Relationship Management tools with a solid information management foundation to create a predictable and scalable solution to help solve your procurement challenges.

Six Signs It's Time to Move On From Legacy ECM


There are a number of organizations that, despite the availability of new, cutting edge ECM solutions, remain reliant on aging enterprise content management systems to manage their information. Download this infographic to learn the 6 signs it’s time to move on from legacy ECM.

The Cost of Standing Still: Top 6 Reasons to Renovate Legacy ECM

White Paper

This eBook poses six questions that will help you diagnose where your legacy ECM is failing your organization and where a modern content platform can help you deliver the faster time to value your business demands.

Three Reasons Higher Education Pros are Recruiting ECM

White Paper

Download this focused article to learn how well your peers are embracing digital transformation, information challenges and opportunities on higher education campuses and our recommendations.
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