Executive Leadership Council


The AIIM Executive Leadership Council brings together top thinkers, high performance practitioners and leaders in information management to discuss, define, and direct the Future of Information Management.

Annual summits create a shared space for dynamic conversations to determine the role of the content and information management industry in a new era of business which addresses Social, Mobile and Cloud computing. The AIIM Executive Leadership Council has two goals:

  1. Articulate the impact that these new technologies will have on the workplace
  2. Define specific use cases for how the technologies can transform organizations and ways of work.

The Executive Leadership Council has two delegations, the Americas and European.  Each delegation meets twice a year to addresses two key themes. Their findings are published as AIIM Trendscape reports which forecast the changes our industry will incur over the next 24 months and set priorities to take advantage of these changes.

"ELC is where thought leaders translate theory into reality, addressing the most complex issues that Information Technology faces today!” --Anthony Peleska, CIO, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency

Council Benefits

  • Connect with fellow industry luminaries and thought leaders to discuss and effect market trends
  • Gain significant market exposure for the work products that emerge from the sessions
  • Identify market opportunities ahead of the curve
  • Join an exclusive club of industry executives for personal and professional development
  • Enjoy all Council benefits PLUS all Solution Provider marketing benefits

2014 Future of Information Management Summit Series

Information Governance: a new opportunity
Washington DC, June 4-5 for the Americas Council
London, June 26 for the European Council

From now until 2020, the digital universe will double every two years,* meaning businesses will have more data and information at their disposal than at any other time in history.

While businesses know this information is their greatest asset, managing and governing it effectively is a major undertaking, and one overwhelming pushed off for later.  The few currently acting are mainly being sold on fear, uncertainty and doubt.  It is time for a different approach to selling governance. 

Information Governance is the critical discipline needed to unleash the REAL power of information.  Unless organizations can build a governance strategy that bridges everything from paper to the cloud, they run the risk of rising irrelevancy and they miss translating information into business opportunity.  Dealing with the escalating volume, velocity, and variety of information is THE business challenge of the next decade — and should be on the agenda of everyone in the executive suite.

We need to elevate the discussion about governance from records managers and legal to the C-suite.  This summit tasks the Council with detailing how information governance is now a prerequisite for achieving the business goals of risk reduction, cost containment, and value creation, therefore presenting a new call to action for information governance. 

  • How does governance control over ALL content - in the cloud, on the move, and in the office?
  • What should be the goals of an information governance implementation group? 
  • How do organizations determine and manage what information is an asset and what become valueless?
  • What is the impact of governance on business’s bottom line?
  • Where are the examples of successful governance policies?
  • Why should organizations act now?


2020 Vision -- What the last 5 years tell us about the next 5 years
London, November 20 for the European Council
Miami, December 16-17 for the Americas Council

Internet of Things. Wearable PCs. Virtual Interfaces. Big Data. Everything as a Service.

This summit will be an exploration of how our industry, and all of IT, will look in 2020--what are the emerging technology trends, how will companies select solutions, who will buy it, what will be the most important features and functions, and what new features will be setting the leaders apart from the rest of the pack?

Join us to envision how Content Management may evolve and how vendors and organizations need to adapt to be successful in 2020.  Hear from futurists and dive into thought sessions where you will explore with fellow industry leaders future scenarios asking:

  • Does IT exist in 2020?
  • Where are the new economic geographies?
  • What role will information management play in 2020?
  • What does work look like?
  • What does the 2020 customer look like and care about?


Thornton May


Thornton May

Executive Director, IT Leadership Counsel

Thornton May is Futurist, Executive Director and Dean of the IT Leadership Academy. His extensive experience researching and consulting on the role and behaviors of Boards of Directors and "C" level executives in creating value with information technology has won him an unquestioned place on the short list of serious thinkers on this topic. May combines a scholar's patience for empirical research, a stand-up comic's capacity for pattern recognition and a second-to-none gift for storytelling to the information technology management problems facing executive.

Thornton May is the real deal. A daring intellectual in a business filled with fakes, Thornton encourages us--no he FORCES us--to sit up, pay attention and think hard about the real issues we face every day." Seth Godin, Author of Permission Marketing and Founder of Yoyodyne

*Statistic credited to IDC and their Digital Universe in 2020 study. 


Past Summits


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Current Americas Council Company Members

Current European Council Company Members

Summit VI: 2020 Vision of Content Management

European Executive Leadership Council 2020 Vision Summit

Thursday, November 20, 2014, Kingsway Hall Hotel, London

10:00am-10:45am AIIM Trendscape: 2020 Content Management John Mancini, President, AIIM
10:45am-11:45am Framing Thoughts on Content Management in 2020 Thornton May, Futurist
11:45am-12:15am From the Field Perspective Ed Gough, Chief Technology Officer, Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation
12:15am-12:30am Q&A Thornton May, Futurist
12:30am-1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm-2:15pm AIIM Trendscape Panel Discussion Angela Ashenden, Principal Analyst, MWD Advisors
Bertrand Duperrin, Social Business Consulting Director, NextModernity
Thierry de Baillon, Co-founder, EsTeam
David K. Ramsay, President, Kelvin TOP-SET Inc.
1:45pm-2:00pm Q&A Thornton May, Futurist, Dean & Executive Director IT Leadership Academy
2:15pm-2:45pm From the Field Perspective Frans Klaassen, Enterprise Information & Data, Shell Oil
2:45pm-3:00pm Q&A Thornton May, Futurist
3:00pm-3:15pm Break
3:15pm-3:45pm From the Field Perspective Dr. Sanjiv Gossain, VP & GM, CSC UK Ireland & Netherlands
3:45pm-4:00pm Q&A Thornton May, Futurist
4:00pm-4:30pm From the Field Perspective John Leggate, Managing Partner, Quintal Partners
4:30pm-4:45pm Q&A Thornton May, Futurist
4:45pm-5:00pm Trendscape Summary John Mancini, President, AIIM
5:00pm-6:30pm Reception

Americas Executive Leadership Council 2020 Vision Summit

Tuesday, December 16, Coral Gables Hyatt Regency, Miami, FL

3:00pm-3:15pm Welcome Atle Skjekkeland, Chief Operating Officer, AIIM
3:15pm-3:45pm 2020 Vision of Content Management John Mancini, President, AIIM
3:45pm-4:45pm Framing Thoughts on Information Governance Thornton May, Futurist
4:45pm-5:00pm Break
5:00pm-5:45pm From the Field Perspective Michael Coleman, SVP & CIO, Comporium Communications
5:45pm-6:00pm Q&A Thornton May, Futurist
6:00pm-7:00pm Reception
7:00pm-8:00pm Dinner

Wednesday, December 17th

8:00am-8:45am Breakfast
8:45am-9:00am Summary of Previous Days’ Highlights Thornton May, Futurist
9:00am-9:30am From the Field Perspective Karen Green, CIO, Brook Rehabilitation
9:30am-9:45am Q&A Thornton May, Futurist
9:45am-11:00am ELC Trendscape Panel Discussion Toby Bell, Technology Industry Strategy, currently at IBM
Kevin Jones, Consultant, Vinjones
Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Research Director, The 451 Group
11:00am-11:15am Break
11:15am-11:45am From the Field Perspective Greg Keeling, Sr. Compliance Officer, BMO Capital Markets, BMO Financial Group
11:45am-12:00am Q&A Thornton May, Futurist
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm-1:30pm From the Field Perspective Janis Meyer, Adjunct Professor of Law, Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University; Partner & General Counsel, emeritus, Dewey Ballantine LLP
1:30pm-1:45pm Q&A Thornton May, Futurist
1:45pm-2:15pm From the Field Perspective Joseph P. Larizza, Chief Administrative Officer, Fieldpoint Private
2:15pm-2:30pm Q&A Thornton May, Futurist
2:30pm-3:00pm Trendscape results John Mancini, President, AIIM

Getting Involved

AIIM's Executive Leadership Council (ELC) is for companies committed to being thought leaders and innovators in our industry. Each participating organization may designate up to two executives for representation on the Leadership Council. These individuals should serve in a strategic role within the organization, and be available to attend both of the annual work sessions. The council program is funded by dues/fees provided by the solution provider members.

C-Level Executives from practitioner organizations can submit their resume and one page statement of intent. If accepted, there is no program fee for these executives to attend the annual summits. Acceptance covers two full program years. Nominations can be emailed to Jessica Lombardo.

Questions regarding the sessions can be directed to Jessica Lombardo, Manager of Membership.


  • Practitioners: By Invitation or Nomination Only - No Event Fee for those accepted
  • Solution Providers: $12,000 per year and includes two work sessions for two designees and year-round marketing exposure
Questions? Please Contact:

Joe Ryan (607) 272-1036
Amy Michalski (585) 349-1306
Jessica Lombardo (301) 755-2636