Webinar: Discover the Automation Approach that Optimizes Skilled Worker Productivity

This webinar occurred on:

Jun 02, 2010

General Information

How Intelligent Case Management can Improve Worker Productivity and the "Untamed Processes"

While belt-tightening continues around the globe, it is now more important than ever for an organization to ensure that processes are streamlined and that workers are extremely productive.  This is especially true when your processes depend on the decision making capabilities of highly-skilled talent such as technicians, lawyers, doctors, or accountants.  While standard Business Process Management (BPM) tools have delivered improved cycle times for many structured processes, automation of unstructured processes – like those that depend on costly knowledge workers – has remained often elusive. 

Case management applications offer a collaborative approach that can help you reap the benefits of automation in environments where people, information, and process collide. Learn how to improve workflow, improve worker productivity, and reduce cycle times in your organization.


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