Paper Wars – an Update from the Battlefield

This webinar occurred on:

Dec 10, 2014

Speaker(s) for this Webinar

Doug Miles, Director of Market Intelligence

Mark Martin, Senior Offering Manager for Capture & Imaging

General Information

It feels like we have been fighting the paper wars for a very long time. These days the technological weaponry is cheaper, better, faster. The office troops are mobile, agile, and highly computer-literate. The rules of engagement have legitimized scanned copies and digital signatures. Yet, most organizations are still fighting everyday battles with paper that clogs up offices and slows down processes.

A very strong case can be made for all-digital processes in improved productivity and lower costs, but the biggest impact is on speed of response – response to inbound mail, response to bottlenecks, response to regulatory changes, but above all, response to the customer, citizen, or client. Business-at-the-speed-of-paper is not an appealing maxim and is likely to be completely unacceptable in a few years’ time, in what will be an increasingly mobile, remote- working, just-in-time world.

In this webinar, AIIM analyst Doug Miles will share the results of his latest research with an in-depth look at the amount of paper in the office, the battle plans to remove it, the take-up of digital mailrooms and multi-channel capture, and the influence of mobile and cloud. Above all, we look at the progress towards paper-free processes, the triggers and decision-making processes, and the issues, benefits, and ROI.

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