Increasing the Value of Transactional and Textual Data

This webinar occurred on:

Apr 23, 2014

Speaker(s) for this Webinar

Bob Larivee, ‎Director Custom Research

Lance Shaw, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director

General Information

Transactional content comes in many forms, from many places: externally, invoices and loan applications processed from customers; internally, expense reports and purchase orders to process. These are but a few of the many forms of transactional content. Each with specific data you collect for a specific purpose. Each that could be tied to and trigger a backend process. Yet, this information once used for its initial purpose is often overlooked for additional use. Referred to as dark data, the result is a lost value in the information you have captured.

Bringing this dark data to light to connect transactional and unstructured data improves business intelligence. The result is used to create a more agile organization in decision-making, case management, and operational processes. It helps develop meaningful insight into the available and relevant information. Uniting infrastructures and interfaces that enrich the digital experience, customers and employees gain a clearer, and more complete understanding of the information they are dealing with.

In this webinar, join AIIM’s Bob Larrivee as he discusses connecting transactional and unstructured data so that it can:

  • deliver a more complete view of relevant content
  • maximize the value of your information
  • and bring business intelligence to a new dimension.
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