eDiscovery: to Outsource or Not to Outsource?

This webinar occurred on:

Jun 26, 2013

Speaker(s) for this Webinar

Johnny Lee, Managing Director - Forensic, Investigative & Dispute Services
Grant Thornton LLP

Garth Landers, Director Product Marketing

General Information

The practice of eDiscovery is not for the faint of heart; it can be complex, complicated, and costly if done incorrectly. For that reason, the work has traditionally been outsourced to third parties, leaving organizations to focus on their core business competencies. Seems like the only reasonable option, right?

Not so fast say some businesses!

Recognizing that outsourcing eDiscovery can result in highly variable and unpredictable costs with minimal or inconsistent tracking and transparency, some organizations have sought alternatives that allow them to reduce or eliminate those outsourcing costs. By applying new technologies and techniques, they now have automated and repeatable in-house eDiscovery processes.

Which option is right for your organization? Join us for expert advice and real case studies that give you these tools to weigh the options and make the right decision:
  • Focus on stakeholder responsibilities -- general counsel, legal, IT, and business all play a role
  • Audit -- classify what you’ve got by business value and legal risk 
  • Investigation -- identify relevant information quickly with dynamic search 
  • Litigation -- place potentially relevant information on legal hold in-place
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