Webinar: Collaboration without Conflict

This webinar occurred on:

May 08, 2013

Speaker(s) for this Webinar

Angela Ashenden, Principal Analyst
MWD Advisors

Dan Auker, Senior Manager, Product Management

General Information

The business benefits of knowledge sharing and virtual workspaces are obvious, particularly with more and more of our colleagues now working from disparate locations. Document collaboration lets us leverage unique perspectives and skillsets for true innovation and product design. It lets us create once, then repurpose and reuse.

Then why don’t we do it more? Because:

  • The collaborative tools are too hard to use; please don’t make our jobs any harder than they already are
  • We can’t keep track of the documents that support our work; who’s got the right version/the true version?

Join us for a fun and lively webinar that examines the social, cultural, procedural, and technical aspects of business collaboration. Find out how to put an end to content chaos, lost work, and counterintuitive processes to realize the true promise of collaboration with any type of business file.

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