Webinar: Social in the Flow - Transforming Processes and Sharing Knowledge

This webinar occurred on:

Nov 28, 2012

Speaker(s) for this Webinar

Laurence Hart, CIO

Ryan Harmon, Vice President Global Tibbr Sales

General Information

In our 2011 report on Social Business, we moved the discussion from technical tools to business applications. This year’s research will look at other processes that can benefit from systems of engagement in both an informal way, and as built-in steps in the process workflow.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how your business processes can be transformed through both internal and external social engagement. We will track:

  • if and how people are using social engagements in ways such as product development, recruitment, help desk, employee relations, project management, and more
  • the levels of integration
  • the levels of participation
  • and benefits gained
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