Upcoming Webinars

AIIM conducts webinars in partnership with leading industry analysts and consulting firms. We invite your questions and comments for live Q&A during each event. These webinars are free and last about one hour. Click below on the webinar title to learn more about a specific webinar. (And for more information on sponsoring an AIIM Webinar, click here.)

Upcoming Webinars

Feb 17, 2016

Recent AIIM research found overwhelmingly that business leaders expect guidance and expertise from RIM professionals for data analytics, privacy and security, and strategic input. It also highlights the need to expand the functions that they typically talk to, such as Legal, IT, and Compliance, to include Data Analysts/Scientists, Information Governance leaders, Security and Privacy officers, Business Unit leaders, and Marketing.

In this webinar, join AIIM President John Mancini and thought-leader Sue Trombley as we outline what you need to know, who you need to talk to, and how you can take your place at the table – and remain relevant – by leveraging your knowledge of where information lives, how it is managed, and how it should be protected.

Feb 25, 2016

For our UK, European, and EMEA Community

Despite organizations’ best efforts, paper is still alive and occasionally necessary.  The US, for example, spends $25-35 billion per year filing, storing and retrieving paper while the average EU office worker in 2013 used between 16 and 45 sheets of paper per day.

This means that while paper reduction policies continue, more existing documents must be made digitally accessible, shareable, and searchable, leading to what might be called “the paper paradox”: paper-based barriers within organizations are increasing even though paper volumes are generally decreasing.

Solutions today need to address many issues, not just yesteryear’s paper scanning and storage needs. Today’s business challenges require solutions to extract metadata, archive, work with many more document and image formats, capture to workflow and process, and most importantly, be findable.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss ways to address and resolve the paper paradox so that you can benefit from reduced operating costs, improved information quality, accelerated business processes, and ensured compliance. We’ll also examine specific use cases and highlight key case studies of successful implementations.

Mar 02, 2016

According to recent AIIM research, 31% admit their office is piled high with paper documents and paper processes; 40% still use paper for filing “important stuff”. If you’re living in this hectic fiction, how often must you play detective to find what you need later on? How is this impacting your business and affecting how you work with your customers?

In this webinar, join AIIM Analyst Bob Larrivee as he takes an in-depth look at the amount of paper in the office, the impediments to removing it, the take-up of digital mailrooms, multi-channel capture, and the increasing exploitation of mobile capture. He’ll look at the progress towards paper-free processes, the triggers and decision-making processes, and the issues, benefits, ROI – and the opportunities this means for your organization.

Mar 10, 2016
For our UK and European Community

For both customers and employees printing a document to capture a signature for proof of intent feels increasingly odd and is seen to slow the business process to a crawl. According to AIIM Research, 54% of respondents say they print paper copies just to add a signature.

Despite the fact that e-signature technology is more than two decades old, with the first European e-signature laws in place since 1997, there is also a cultural challenge to overcome the need to print for a signature.

In the EU, e-signature requirements can vary considerably from country to country. Understanding what is allowed and what is not used to be a huge challenge for local as well as multi-national companies operating across Europe.  But things are about to get much easier with the EU Regulation known as eIDAS .

In this webinar, a leading European e-signatures expert will join us to:
  • outline the latest updates on the eIDAS regulation and what that really means for your organization
  • discuss the characteristics of a trustworthy e-signature
  • eliminate much confusion by showing e-signature examples
  • investigate best practices and the technology in place to help your organization be compliant and work more efficiently with the new regulation

Mar 16, 2016

Working at the speed of paper is no longer an option for many businesses. Information and business critical content must be managed in digital form, integrated into end-to-end business processes, and support transactional activities.

As a result, businesses are seeking ways to better utilize their information assets, provide a single point of access to business information, automate manual processes, improve workforce engagement at all levels, and increase collaborative capabilities with suppliers and partners.

In this webinar, we'll learn approaches organizations can take with a holistic view of your information environments to transform how you work. The time is now to move forward toward digital transformation initiatives that provide seamless, efficient, and effective access and transactional capabilities across the enterprise.