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AIIM conducts webinars in partnership with leading industry analysts and consulting firms. We invite your questions and comments for live Q&A during each event. These webinars are free and last about one hour. Click below on the webinar title to learn more about a specific webinar. (And for more information on sponsoring an AIIM Webinar, click here.)

Upcoming Webinars

Dec 02, 2015

"Manual order entry stands in the way of us providing exceptional customer service, absorbing growth and ensuring errors don’t hit the supply chain. We don’t have the bandwidth to process these documents quickly enough!”

Does this sound like your organization?

It doesn't have to be this way. Join our webinar and get the insider's guide to inbound document automation. We'll share real life examples of organizations just like yours that have achieved some exciting results from their solutions
through lean strategies and agile project methodology including:

  • Visibility into any order, at any stage of processing
  • Access to live metrics and valuable KPIs
  • Increased data entry accuracy of over 99%
  • Seamless handling of EDI order exceptions
  • Faster order processing speeds of up to 80%
  • Improved customer service and employee satisfaction 
  • Centralized storage of orders and documentation emails for research

Join us to discover the latest trends and best practices in document process automation. Register now!

Dec 09, 2015

With the market changing around customer service, now more than ever, organizations need to be in tune with their customer’s buying patterns, respond to inquiries quicker, and provide a better experience overall.

Luckily, in today’s modern world we have new ways to connect with our customers through the use of apps, data, mobile, and cloud. The right mix of these elements can provide you with real-time connections with your customers throughout their journey with you.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Joining traditional process improvement with real-time data to keep work moving faster and more efficiently
  • Bringing the right elements together – apps, data, cloud, and mobile – to best connect with your customers
  • Managing change in an innovative way to improve business agility
  • The role your “business process manager” can take to facilitate this process

Dec 16, 2015

What will the year 2016 mean for Information Management? Based on AIIM research and conversations with our members (practitioners and vendors alike), we see three major disruptive forces: consumerization, cloud and mobile, and the internet of things.

As a result, the central problem organizations face are – How do I conquer information chaos and information overload? How do I get beyond the hype of “Digital Transformation” and actually DO things?

Underlying these challenges is a need for solutions that meet two key criteria: 1) agility; and 2) usability. These have become the core success factors in the content management industry. Effective solutions will not only allow knowledge workers to store their “stuff” so that it is searchable, controlled, and accessible so that the ORGANIZATION can accomplish its goals – the AGILITY test. Solutions must also work how and where and on devices that knowledge workers choose so they can get their work done – the USABILITY test.

Join AIIM President John Mancini and IBM's Toby Bell for this thought-provoking discussion. Get a head start on your 2016 efforts to reign in your organization’s information management challenges and sign up today.