Siri meets Component Authoring – A Productivity Marriage Made in Heaven by , for

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In this #AIIM14 preview, Seth Earley provides a glimpse into the how to really get search working for you. After all, you don’t want your folks wasting time simply looking for the info... read more

Finding the Yellow Brick Road in Enterprise Search by , for

Blog Entry by on February 19, 2014 Just like Dorothy and Toto, following the yel... read more

3 Ways to Maximize Your SharePoint Investment by , for

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3 Ways to Maximize Your SharePoint Investment Like many organizations, Microsoft SharePoint might be the heart of your information management, utilizing its robust architecture to ensure con... read more

Connecting Content to Social by , for

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I've been around long enough to see a couple familiar cycles when it comes to social. If you look back to the late 1990's, instant messaging (IM) was the hot social property, with organi... read more

Moving from Records Management to Engagement by , for

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As more and more software and services companies roll out social tools and features, jumping onto the bandwagon of the move to the social organization, managers at every level are being asked to... read more

Better Health and then Good Recipes by , for

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The last time I posted an entry here, I was ranting about how the lack of widespread knowledge can ruin your content management objectives. Ranting is fun, maybe even helpful or at least cathart... read more

What’s the biggest challenge in Office 365? Just getting there. by , for

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By on October 4, 2013 Many companies are jumping on the Office 365 bandwagon as it makes a compelling value proposition to save money and provide ubiquitous... read more

If Knowledge is Power ... Knowledge Management is a Shared Arrangement – How Product KM Differs from Services KM by , for

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I recently changed jobs -- from Knowledge Engineer at a product company to knowledge manager at a services firm. Other than the Greater Boston location and uppercase K in the title, the two role... read more

What I Learned Hanging Out with Non-SharePointers by , for

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Not surprisingly, I attend a lot of SharePoint events around the globe. For those unfamiliar with the SharePoint Saturday phenomenon, I believe I still hold the title of most SPS events attended... read more

Business Analysis for a Taxonomy by , for

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Like all business analyses, the business reasons for a taxonomy can be examined from two different perspective.  These are a quantitative analysis and a qualitative analysis.  Both of... read more