Dealing with Digital Exhaust by , for

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This is a fun and fanciful example of what happens to the stuff you excrete every day. I’m talking about data excretion. Everywhere you go you are leaving Digital Footpr... read more

Records are the Assets of the Organization by , for

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I just listened to a great webcast with AIIM'sTheresa Resek talking to Microsoft about their use of SharePoint for Records Management.  One of the things that Microsoft’s... read more

GRC Business Considerations for SharePoint by , for

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There comes a time in every business where management thinks … I wish we would have thought about that before. Usually this happens just after a Discovery Request shows u... read more

Electronic and Physical Records Management: Why a Combined Approach is Best Practice by , for

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When many organizations make plans to implement Records Management, they focus on electronic records exclusively. Other organizations that are heavily paper based may focus on physical records m... read more

The Big Idea - Content Governance is Coming of Age ... again by , for

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Content is NOT king, Context is! Knowing you have content is good. Knowing where your content is located is better. Knowing how your content relates to the overall organizational goals and b... read more

Three Simple Questions to Ask about your Content Governance by , for

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If you work for or own a business you are creating content every day. You are also receiving content every day. Within the content there is metadata being generated both by people a... read more

RM’s that know SharePoint can have jobs for Life by , for

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  Today I spoke on a panel at the Seattle ARMA chapter. The topic was SharePoint and Records Management. I have a simple recommendation for Records Managers e... read more

Andrew Thelke

Email Management Options by Andrew Thelke, Business Services Manager for Waukesha County


I work at a medium sized county government and use Microsot Outlook/Echange 2010.  I am looking for input on what other small/medium sized governments are doing in the development... read more

Records Management: an Optimists View and 5 Keys to Program Success by , for

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It seems that the Records and Information Management profession faces an annual need to justify its very existence. Lucky for RIM practitioners, the profession will continue to grow and have &ld... read more

Big Buckets of Stuff by , for

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Over the last couple of days I’ve seen/heard some comments that Big Buckets don’t work well in Records Management. Uhm, you’re doing it wrong. I suspect that a large part o... read more