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Dealing with Digital Exhaust

This is a fun and fanciful example of what happens to the stuff you excrete every day. I’m talking about data excretion. Everywhere you go you are leaving Digital Footprints. Your digital footprint... read more

Records are the Assets of the Organization

I just listened to a great webcast with AIIM'sTheresa Resek talking to Microsoft about their use of SharePoint for Records Management.  One of the things that Microsoft’s Andrew SanAgustinsaid stru... read more

GRC Business Considerations for SharePoint

There comes a time in every business where management thinks … I wish we would have thought about that before. Usually this happens just after a Discovery Request shows up on the doorstep. ... read more

Search makes Records Managers Obsolete

It’s been said that IT Doesn’t Matter. The same has been said about Records Managers and the systems that Records Managers maintain. Some of the thinking thrown around is that people can store ... read more

The Aggregation of Commodity Storage is Good Business

The implications of commodity storage are not hard to determine. The prices are going down. The game is afoot. The vendors want your data. They want your money. They want to hook you now to “serve”... read more

The Big Idea - Content Governance is Coming of Age ... again

Content is NOT king, Context is! Knowing you have content is good. Knowing where your content is located is better. Knowing how your content relates to the overall organizational goals and busi... read more

Three Simple Questions to Ask about your Content Governance

If you work for or own a business you are creating content every day. You are also receiving content every day. Within the content there is metadata being generated both by people and by the system... read more

RM’s that know SharePoint can have jobs for Life

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Today I spoke on a panel at the Seattle ARMA chapter. The topic was SharePoint and Records Management. I have a simple recommendation for Records Managers everywhere --- Learn SharePoint! ... read more

Partners ARE your Scaling Factor

If you are in business you have to make a decision. To Partner or Not to Partner? There is No Wrong Answer Not every business is designed to be partner oriented or partner friendly. How... read more

So … What is Yammer? My Simple View


You may have heard that Microsoft is buying a company called Yammer for $1.2 Billion dollars. You may be wondering what this means. You also may be wondering just what Yammer is. Below I have provi... read more

Yammer and Microsoft ... A Match Made in Heaven ... or at least in Adobe Air

Well, it seems like the buzz this week about Yammer “agreeing” to sell itself to Microsoft are all set to come true. At least based on some of the headlines … Yammer Agrees to Sell Itsel... read more

The Recruiters are Coming, The Recruiters are Coming

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I have noticed recruiters at SharePoint Saturday and other events before, but this last weekend at the SharePoint Saturday event in Los Angeles I saw at least three different firms chatting up the ... read more

The AIIM Conference is a Hit


Ladies and Gentlemen                  .                  . We have a HIT on our hands. After a few years away under the guidance of another organization the AIIM Conference is back with... read more

The Future of Capture --- Where your Content IS your Life

The future of information capture will go far beyond the traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) perspective of scanning paper and importing documents that wereborn digital. The future ... read more

Social SharePoint --- An Oxymoron?

Social SharePoint is coming to a desktop and a mobile device near you … and soon. Today SharePoint is ubiquitous in the enterprise. With over 125 million SharePoint users and a goal to reach 500 mi... read more

Tool Safety and SharePoint

The use of tools is one of the things that sets humans apart from other animals. Sure, there are other animals that use tools to achieve a task, but only humans have developed a complex set of tool... read more

SharePoint and Paper Belong Together

In case you haven't heard ... SharePoint is a platform to manage information. SharePoint doesn't care if this information was "born digital" or created in the traditional paper based world. When th... read more

Your Sandbox or Mine

The SharePoint Sandbox is a great place to play and test. Sure, the SharePoint Sandbox has some limitations, much like every sandbox does. This is OK. The good news is you can test thin... read more

What role should SharePoint play in a comprehensive ECM strategy?

The role of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is well established. Smart companies realize they need to manage their critical assets – both paper based and those that are born digital – to contro... read more

The ECM Industry is Alive & Well

For proof of this I refer you to the Box.Net team. They are having fun and getting it done. Clever, Innovative, Cutting Edge --- These are not terms often heard when describing Enterprise Conte... read more

The Future of SharePoint (and Windows Phone 7)

The current state of SharePoint looks something like this: In 2009 SharePoint was over a $1 billion dollar business, and we suspect that with its current massive growth it is rapidly nearin... read more

Dear Steve - Paper Still Matters

Contrary to what Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, said at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles … Paper Still Matters. Paper is an Asset. Ballmer mentions a customer having... read more

Wanted --- Shining Examples


As Paul Galvin’s BrightStarr post aptly identifies … The World needs Shining Examples Well, at least The SharePoint World does. Take a look at Paul’s Post - Let Shining Examples L... read more

Microsoft and Skype --- This could be a good thing

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I wrote the post below on May 10, 2011. Since then there have been several articles chiming in on the pros and cons of the pending Microsoft acquisition of Skype. The more I think about it the more... read more

BYOD in Document Capture

Get ready … it’s coming. Well, actually … it’s already here. Yes! BYOD in Document Capture is already here and it’s just going to grow. Records Managers, Document and Policy Managers had better... read more

Production vs. Distributed vs. Workgroup Scanning --- Aren’t they all the same?

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When it comes to scanning documents the vendors have chosen the terms Production, Workgroup and Ad Hoc to describe the scanning process and ultimately to define the customers. While I think the... read more

What Document & Data Capture means to the Nuclear Industry

I was going to title this post “The Energy behind the Energy” in honor of all the smart men and women that put their life and their energy into making sure the power generation plants they work on ... read more

You just walked into a file room ... Now What?‏


There are two typical responses:   1) Back away slowly ... I don't know what to do here. ... read more

Remote or Distributed Scanning - Are they Different?

The concept of remote scanning is not new. The implementation of the concept is morphing. In the old days --- which was not that long ago --- the “remote” scanners were connected to the centralized... read more

Flying Cars and the Paperless Office

Which one will you see first? Not so many years ago people were saying we’d have flying cars, phones without wires and a paperless office. Well, one out of three is not too bad … I guess. H... read more

The Paperless Office

Is the office of the future really going to be paperless? I don’t think so. Paper is here to stay and that’s OK. A few paper facts: Americans discard 4 million tons of paper every y... read more

Is there an Ideal Capture Strategy for SharePoint


How should businesses think about processing both paper and electronic documents? Is there a best way? Is there a right way? The Simple Answer … No! There is no “ideal” capture strategy tha... read more

What's the Difference between a Scanner and Scanning?

It’s important to differentiate between the Technology and the Technologist. I have been thinking about this for quite a while. Then, as he is wont to do, Chris Brogan summed it up perfectly with h... read more

The Other Side of the Scanner

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What happens on either side of a document scanning process? Well, actually ... A lot. The irony is that most of the time the people and processes that live on either side of the scanner are... read more

ECM starts with Paper

Admittedly Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is much more than paper, but paper is often where ECM starts. Contrary to popular opinion paper is not the enemy. In fact, Paper is an Asset. To be mo... read more

Scanning is Simple

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Yep, there I said it. Scanning is Simple. Let’s be honest. It’s really quite easy to take a good picture of a document. It can be as simple as … Click.    However, that’s abou... read more

What is the cost of a Lost Document


Have you ever spent time looking for a document or a receipt? And no matter where you looked you could not turn it up? Did it make you mad? Did you think you could have been using that time on ... read more

When is Content Relevant

In the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) world content can exist in several places and multiple formats simultaneously. In this post  I will focus on the aspect of Content Relevance. In subsequen... read more

Getting to Know Jeff Shuey

First off … a big THANK YOU to the AIIM leadership team for inviting me to blog as part of the AIIM Expert Bloggers Forum. A little about me I have been in the technology space for the past ... read more