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How Far Would You Go..

… To Achieve Perfection In Your Information Management Initiatives? Over a good few years, I have been fortunate to have experienced a variety of Information Management projects aimed at ach... read more

Deep flows the River between Social and Business…

It’s been quite a while since the world has been gripped by the Social Media fever. However, as is the case with any new concept that catches the masses by their eyeballs and wallets, social media ... read more

Process Size – It’s all about Management Capacity

Back in February 2011, Peter Schooff of asked a very important question, “How big is a process?” The very insightful comments that answer the question bring forth many interesting perspec... read more

The Chaos of ECM-BPM Strategies

Setting your ECM or BPM implementation strategy can appear to be pretty straightforward. After all, you either want to manage your content or manage your process. To achieve that, get some experts,... read more

Why I drifted away and then got pulled back to AIIM?


While the credit to my foray into unstructured information management; namely DMS and ERM must go to my erstwhile mentor, Mr. P Vidyasagar, I would credit my knowledge mostly to AIIM. Ever since I ... read more

In UAE, We Love Our Paperwork!

I am someone who rarely bookmarks web pages. However, in September 2011, I could not resist but bookmark a very interesting article. And when it’s titled, “UAE paper use among highest in the world”... read more

Out with the UAT!

Its long been more than a decade of software project deliveries for me and over the period it has been punctured with many a UAT. If I were to honestly rate failure-to-success ratios with UAT over ... read more

Inside the Process Multiverse

As a child growing up in the UAE, I remember a distant relative visiting us and educating my dad about sending money home to his parents in India through him and his “contacts” and that dad would g... read more

Ramadan in the GCC – A lesson in ECM & BPM Project Governance.

The Holy Month of Ramadan brings forth a religious and spiritual ambience to the GCC. How it manages to create this mood is through reduced working hours ( 6 hours a day) and enforcement of abstine... read more

ECM = Enterprise Culture Management: The GCC Analogy

There is no dearth for reading material on the impact of Culture on an ECM program. However, most of these originate from developed Western nations where the social culture is generally homogeneous... read more

OpenText buys Global360 – What does it mean for the Middle East?

Nothing! Being formerly into enterprise sales and currently into professional services and having served on both vendor and client side in the Middle East (more specifically the GCC countries),... read more

Rebooting the Human Mindset - The Invisible Challenge

Google + brings about a renewed wave of energy in the Social Networking scene. 30% of my Twitter (another Social Networking phenomenon) now buzzes with Google + and related hash tags. With Mark Zuc... read more

Is Collaboration the Mother of Change?

As a hands-on active Information Management lead, I am required to apply as and when apt various schools of Information Management thought including DMS, ECM, BPM among others in our regular Reques... read more

Similar in Capture... Contradicting in Outcomes...

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Ever wondered how you got the technology right but gained no benefits? Ever wondered how you got the user acceptance and still see no benefits? Ever wondered how the best capture experts co... read more

Behind every successful Process lies a prudent Capture...

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Although, ideally, a process starts from the intent to do a particular task to achieve a specific objective or deliver a service, most of your processes would find itself literally commencing with ... read more

Identity Crisis: When the Archive Is Wrong

What's the status of the Scanning Project? When is Go Live? These are two questions that most of you must have either asked or heard, usually asked together. You may also have successfully c... read more

Winds of Change, Careers, and Maturity Models

When Heraclitus said “Nothing is permanent except change”, he was clearly predicting my journey in the world of Enterprise Information Management. Surprisingly, so was the Object Management Gro... read more

Information Governance and the Middle East – Taming the Risk!

We have Black Gold. We have Sovereign Wealth Funds. We are Rich. We also have regulations, some... Bahrain and Qatar have good financial regulations. Abu Dhabi has better health regulations. Du... read more

Bringing home the Power, Softly...


E 2.0 is tomorrow's "Hello World". The way LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and to a lesser extent Xing and Orkut are taking over the world is ample proof that heavy-headed technology can deliver light-... read more

What will you take to your grave?

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“The only thing a man takes to his grave is his Knowledge. Acquire when alive, distribute before death.” ~ Late K. A. Abu Backer, my grandfather and a high school Math teacher. If not in his tr... read more