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Barry Byrne

Attaching default tags and metadata to content types in SharePoint 2013 by Barry Byrne, IKM Officer for Irish defence forces

Hi all,   Does anyone have any experience of attaching default values such as tags to certain content types in SharePoint 2013? I know it can be done, particularly at library level, ... read more


M-FILES AND IBM ERMS by ODUBANJO OPEYEMI, for k. odubanjo & co limited

hi guys , i would like to know if M-files can integrate with IBM ERMS ( electronic record management  systems) read more

Russ Davidson

What are your thoughts on cloud computing's future due to the recent NSA scandal? by Russ Davidson, for Find Accounting Software

Adam Bluemner writes most of the blogs about ERP software and more at  Find Accounting Software. Recently they published a study dealing with cloud technology in the age of the NSA and what IT p... read more

Karen Hughes

Getting Involved by Karen Hughes, Records Manager for Sound Transit

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Hi, I really enjoyed the AIIM conference and would like to connect with the local chapter.  When and where is the next meeting scheduled? Thanks, Karen read more

Robert Malloy

TOR for IM Goverance Group by Robert Malloy, Senior Information Officer for The World Bank

I see lots of information on why IM Governance is important, training offered etc.   But can't find the TOR for a single goverance group.   Anyone willing to share?  I'm happy to post mine once ... read more

Robyn Galloway

Disposition Tool Help by Robyn Galloway, Information Systems & Records Technician for Columbia Power


Hi,  I understand that this is not really a forum but I need help.   I work for a crown corporation with 50 employees.  We are using an electronic folder structure (folder tree) and have a s... read more

R. Russell Ruggiero

StratML - The 2013 Boston Marathon Attack Report by R. Russell Ruggiero, Research Analyst for Self-Employed


It shows how StratML could possibly be used to help thwart an attack or bombing. It is "pre", while all of my prior studies have been "post" event. This new piece tries to leverage the alignment... read more

Shreya Muralidhar

Does your DMS integrate seamlessly with other organisational applications? by Shreya Muralidhar, for Newgen Software Inc

A DMS platform is used for creating, capturing, managing, delivering and archiving large volumes of documents which also integrates seamlessly with other enterprise applications. It should i... read more

Jack Welch

Data Management Policy by Jack Welch, Enterprise BCM for State of Georgia

I work for State Government and am looking for some policy examples in the follwing area's: 1. Data Management 2. Records Management I'm als My challenge is in the area of Consum... read more

John O'Gorman

Data and Reality, Third Edition; by William Kent - Has anyone read this book? by John O'Gorman, Principal for Quantum Semantics Inc

My daughter gave me this excellent treatise on the nature of our connections between the reality 'out there' and the representations we work to create 'in here' in the digital world. Orginally p... read more