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Ulrich Kampffmeyer

Farewell 2 oh by Ulrich Kampffmeyer Managing Director for Project Consult

For the last ten years the expression “2.0” has been with us in a variety of forms. Eric Knorr coined the term “Web 2.0” in 2003 to describe what was then a fresh new interactive, collaborative ... read more

Ulrich Kampffmeyer

The Future of ... - the information management industry, the workplace & the information society | free downlaof of the videos and the slides of the conference by Ulrich Kampffmeyer Managing Director for Project Consult

>>> The IBT International Business Track @ DMS EXPO, Stuttgart, Thursday, Sep. 29th, 2013 | Videos & Slides | Free download <<< The IBT@DMSEXPO provided an insight into the international tre... read more

Ross Nepean

Solving the Challenges of Records Retention in the Cloud by Ross Nepean VP Global Marketing for TAB

In a recent blog post, we looked at several important legal considerations when storing records in the cloud. These included the question of whether electronic formats would be legally accepted... read more

Mark Jones

11 Ways To Use SharePoint for Internal Communications by Mark Jones Founder for Collaboris

As part of a recent discussion over on we have been discussing how to use SharePoint to manage your internal communications. As it turns out there are a lot of features ... read more

Mike Steere

The Value of Adaptive Case Management in the Experience Economy by Mike Steere for ReadSoft

This blog post, written by ReadSoft CMO Andrew Pery, was originally published in August 2014, here on the ReadSoft blog. We are in the midst of a fundamental transformation.  The ways ... read more

Ulrich Kampffmeyer

Records Management: Definitions, Principles, Standards and Trends | 2012 by Ulrich Kampffmeyer Managing Director for Project Consult

Records Management: Definitions, Principles, Standards and Trends Video of the presentation "Records Management: Definitions, Principles, Standards and Trends" by Dr. Ulrich Kampffm... read more

Ulrich Kampffmeyer

ECM - our classic publication by Ulrich Kampffmeyer Managing Director for Project Consult

ECM: our classic publication ECM Enterprise Content Management, Ulrich Kampffmeyer, PROJECT CONSULT 2006, ISBN 3-936534-09-8. The print version is no longer available, but the elect... read more

Olivia Bushe

The Road to ECM Hell is paved with good intentions: the Automated Approach (Part 3) by Olivia Bushe Director of Marketing for Repstor

This the third part of our series called The Road to ECM Hell. Check out the start of the series here Software firms (with good intentions) have sought to provide the answer to the ECM Hell ... read more

Robert Smallwood

Defining the Differences Between Information Governance, IT Governance, & Data Governance by Robert Smallwood Consultant for IMERGE Consulting Inc

There has been a great deal of confusion around the term information governance (IG)and how it is often confused with other similar industry terms, such as information technology (IT) govern... read more

Marty Heinrich

How agencies can keep email from vanishing by Marty Heinrich Director for Array Information Technology

Recent headlines surrounding the loss of emails at the IRS highlight major concerns over records management in government. One of the biggest challenges agencies face today, besides the skyrocke... read more