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Dennis Kempner

Want a Paperless office? Here is how. by Dennis Kempner President for Biel's Information Technology Systems

While many businesses have every intention of becoming a paperless workplace, it is hard to determine a good place to start. We’ve mentioned the benefits of going paperless ( save time, money, i... read more

Cate Evans

Toxic Data and DLP: Value or a Waste? By Martin Garland by Cate Evans Marketing Manager for Concept Searching UK

In a Forrester white paper, they referred to ‘toxic data’, which I thought was a very powerful use of words, in reference to deploying DLP technology. With the recent announcement of DLP availab... read more

Marty Heinrich

Records Management and Reality by Marty Heinrich Director for Array Information Technology

There is a circular argument that goes around and around regarding the purpose and role of records management in an age of social media, email, IM, ESI and eDiscovery.   What is a record... read more

Marty Heinrich

Cloud security risks slow adoption - but help is on the way by Marty Heinrich Director for Array Information Technology

The migration of information to the cloud is largely regarded as the next major step in enabling organizations to work faster, cheaper and more efficiently. According to the Office of Management... read more

Mike Steere

John Mancini discusses how to navigate some of today's biggest business challenges by Mike Steere for ReadSoft

Recently we had a chance to talk with John Mancini, President and CEO of AIIM, and hear his candid thoughts on some of the business world's most pressing issues today. Mancini is very direc... read more

Peter Davidson

Increase Productivity in the Workplace With These Great Apps by Peter Davidson for Mind Tools

Today's advanced technology enables us to some amazing things, but it also serves to provide plenty of distractions. In the workplace, distraction leads to a decrease in productivity and possibl... read more

Cate Evans

Is the Australia Government Similar to Your Organization? by Cate Evans Marketing Manager for Concept Searching UK

By Carla Mulley, At first, I got a kick out of reading this article in CIO Magazine (Australia edition), “Context needed in metadata and data retention debate“. F... read more

Cate Evans

I’m on Facebook and Twitter 10 hours per day – My opinion? My lips are sealed. by Cate Evans Marketing Manager for Concept Searching UK

By Carla Mulley: I recently wrote a blog regarding the use of social tools and the challenges of adoption versus training. A tantalizing social study I recently ran across was conducted the ... read more

Cate Evans

Can enterprise search get any worse? – It appears that it can by Cate Evans Marketing Manager for Concept Searching UK By Carla Mulley Since our software is primarily used to improve search results supporting any search engine, enterprise search challenges are near and dear to... read more

Greg Council

Information Governance in The Era of 'Pandora's Box' on Content by Greg Council for Parascript LLC

Pandora's box has been opened and there's no going back. Once upon a time, companies created content through desktop publishing. Content went through several reviews before seeing the light of d... read more