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Auro N Chowdhury

Internet of Things - The Human Side by Auro N Chowdhury DGM for HCL

Talent Management The Problem Digital natives are fast replacing the existing workforce across the globe, cutting across continents. The challenge that every organization would increas... read more

Deepak Chauhan

7 Proven Web Page Content Writing Tips and Techniques To Increase Traffic by Deepak Chauhan Founder & CEO for VOCSO TECHNOLOGIES (P) LTD

  If you wish to take your business online, then you will have know the right tactics when it comes to creating online content. The saying “content is king” may sound more like a cliché... read more

Mitch Taube

Why a SOC 2 Type 2 Report is Important by Mitch Taube CEO for Digiscribe International LLC

Many large organizations, and some forward-thinking smaller ones, require their document scanning service provider have a SOC 2 Type 2 Report. The SOC 2 Report is the best way to gain inform... read more

Goran Bogunovic

Approaching Security and Privacy in Mobile-Empowered Businesses in Australia by Goran Bogunovic for Four Dots

Over the last few years, mass adoption of mobile devices at workplace has become one of the most dominant trends in Australian businesses. Considering the turbulent adoption rates in both person... read more

Robert Hillard

Your personal cloud meets the enterprise by Robert Hillard Partner for Deloitte Consulting LLP

In organisations around the world employees are accidently merging their personal and professional cloud applications with dire results.  Some of the issues include the routing of sensitive text... read more

Theresa Resek

How do YOU define Information Governance? by Theresa Resek Director, Webinars for AIIM

In a recent webinar, the speakers, Steve Weissman, Greg Clark of OpenText and I, were discussing Information Governance and what all that means. But we thought it best to ask the audience what t... read more

Ross Nepean

Metadata: a better way to help users find electronic records by Ross Nepean VP Global Marketing for TAB Products

Helping users find electronic records is big challenge, regardless of whether those records are stored on a shared drive, in the cloud, or in an electronic document and records management syste... read more

Dennis Kempner

Want a Paperless office? Here is how. by Dennis Kempner President for Biel's Information Technology Systems

While many businesses have every intention of becoming a paperless workplace, it is hard to determine a good place to start. We’ve mentioned the benefits of going paperless ( save time, money, i... read more

Cate Evans

Toxic Data and DLP: Value or a Waste? By Martin Garland by Cate Evans Marketing Manager for Concept Searching UK

In a Forrester white paper, they referred to ‘toxic data’, which I thought was a very powerful use of words, in reference to deploying DLP technology. With the recent announcement of DLP availab... read more

Marty Heinrich

Records Management and Reality by Marty Heinrich Director for Array Information Technology

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There is a circular argument that goes around and around regarding the purpose and role of records management in an age of social media, email, IM, ESI and eDiscovery.   What is a record... read more