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Chris Pentago

Biz Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Small Business Success by Chris Pentago Marketing consultant for FREELANCER

By now it’s common knowledge that small businesses can benefit from cloud technology. The value of never needing an in-house IT bank to do anything is inestimable. With the cloud industry gr... read more

Peter Davidson

Discover the Power of Virtual Team Work by Peter Davidson for Mind Tools

Now that computers are common in the workplace and companies have offices all across the globe, virtual teamwork has become the easiest and cheapest way of bringing people together to work on a ... read more

Cate Evans

eMail Security in the Cloud – are you afraid (I am)? by Cate Evans Marketing Manager for Concept Searching UK

by Social – the cure all to productivity, instant communication, effective collaboration. Are you on board yet? I still read conflicting accounts about the a... read more

Marty Heinrich

Records Management and eDiscovery Converge! by Marty Heinrich Director for Array Information Technology

Upcoming deadlines to comply with the 2012 Managing Government Records Directive and growing eDiscovery demands, along with the accelerated pace of new technology adoption are changing the recor... read more

Ross Nepean

How to choose the right metrics for your records management program. by Ross Nepean VP Global Marketing for TAB

In a three-part post we are looking at the role of metrics in demonstrating the value of RM, specifically in organizations that have implemented an electronic records management system. In ... read more

Jonathan Ralton

Keep Calm and InfoPath On by Jonathan Ralton Senior Information Architect for BlueMetal Architects

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A lot of hype was created around the announcement by the Microsoft Office team of InfoPath's end-of-life announcement (blog post) by Microsoft back in January, accentuated by the 'InfoPath Funer... read more

Robert Hillard

Living without a trace of Big Data by Robert Hillard Partner for Deloitte Consulting LLP

I've watched over a number of months as major digital providers across handsets, telecommunications, internet services and virtually every other integrated offering have one by one described how... read more

David Jones

Man v. cloud: 3 tips for migrating ECM to the cloud by David Jones Solution Marketing Manager, Cloud & Architecture for Hyland Software

I love Man v. Food! The concept of some poor bloke pitting himself against the biggest, tastiest, spiciest foodstuffs that the United States of America can throw at him has an unending appeal fo... read more

David Jones

Is SharePoint Online ‘Full ECM in the Cloud’? by David Jones Solution Marketing Manager, Cloud & Architecture for Hyland Software


SharePoint – some people love it, some hate it and some deny it is even real enterprise content management (ECM). It really is the proverbial elephant in the room for all ECM conversations, and ... read more

Michel Braunstein

BPM Software vs. Industry-Specific Software by Michel Braunstein for Ness

BPM (Business Process Management) Software is used today in nearly every industry. To name a few: Manufacturing, Banking, Public Sector, IT, Telecommunications, HR, Travel, Healthcare, Food, Ene... read more