Distingued Service Recipients

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes individuals whose outstanding service benefited the advancement of ECM technology through AIIM Chapters, national or international standards development, other committee activity, or volunteerism especially in the past twelve (12) months.

Distinguished Service Award - Recipients since 2001


  • Owen Ambur, Retired U.S. Department of Interior
  • Nora Calvillo, Adobe Systems, Inc.
  • Olaf Drümmer, Callas Software
  • Neal Fischer, Hershey Technologies
  • Toni Lewis, Evangelical Christian Credit Union
  • Mark Patrick, Joint Staff, U.S. Department of Defense
  • Cheryl Smith, NetSmith, Inc.


  • Dan Antion, American Nuclear Insurers
  • Joe Budelli, ABBYY USA Software House
  • Cherie Ekholm, Microsoft Corporation
  • Tom Motzel, Tesserae Talent Strategies
  • Greg Pisocky, Adobe Systems, Incorporated
  • Leonard Rosenthol, Adobe Systems, Incorporated

  • H. Cary Adams, Chesterfield Utilities
  • Lisa A. Desautels, Graphic Imaging Services
  • Paul S. Fisher, Security MicroImaging Corporation
  • James C. King, Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • Suzanne M. King, Cintas Document Management
  • Elizabeth Lambert
  • Daniel O’Leary, LincWare
  • Brian Schlegel, ImageSoft, Inc.
  • Craig Shogren, FBL Financial Group, Inc.
  • Brian Tuemmler, Gimmal Group


  • Stacey Cripps, Catalyst Search Group
  • Brian Dirking, Oracle Corporation
  • Pam Doyle, Fuijitsu Computer Products of America
  • Steven J. Fiers, Imaging USA
  • Duff Johnson, Appligent Document Solutions
  • Todd LeVeque, Eastman Kodak Company
  • David M. Partsch, Geisinger Health Systems
  • Russell E. Stalters, BP America Inc.
  • Susan J. Sullivan, National Archives and Records Administration
  • Alan Turner, Autonomy Cardiff


  • Ed Amash, iKAN Software
  • Kit Bright, MetroAssociates
  • KC Frank, DISC
  • Genifer Graff, IBM Corporation
  • Gordon E.J. Hoke, KPMG, LLP
  • Alan Shipman, Group 5 Training Limited
  • Ganesh Vednere, Capgemini’s Global Financial Services Practice
  • Claudia A. Williams, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • Carol Doser, AMCAD Digital Conversion Services
  • Cynthia Geoffrey, IBM Corporation
  • Craig Laue, ABBYY Software
  • Kenny Lee, CEXEC, Inc.
  • Stephen Levenson, Administrative Office of the United States Courts
  • Kathy Mitchell, University of Michigan Health System
  • Steven Polasky, ImageSoft Inc.
  • Christopher Riley, Artsyl Technologies, Inc.
  • Tracy Smith, Eastman Kodak Company
  • Scott Allbert, ECS Imaging, Inc.
  • J. Greg Contreras, AIT Worldwide Logistics
  • Edward Dabran, Crown Partners
  • Jason Goetz, Adobe Systems, Inc.
  • Timothy Kesler, Active Data Services, Inc.
  • Ann Caputo Kirby, Horace Mann School for the Deaf
  • Joyce Osborne, Document Management Solutions, Inc.
  • Marc Fresko, Cornwell Management Consultants plc
  • Jewell Hawthorne, City of Phoenix, Water Services Dept
  • Stephen Kass, Channel Market Partners, Inc.
  • Art Mansky, Soluziona USA, Inc.
  • Paul Montesino, Bentley College
  • Terri Mottram
  • Leo Saidnawey, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Julie Bishop, Marion County Health Dept.
  • Mark Carter, IKON Office Solutions, Inc.
  • John Chickering, Fidelity Investments
  • Karen Clapp, Sauer-Danfoss
  • Russ Edelman, Corridor Consulting
  • Jeremiah Ford, Horace Mann School for the Deaf
  • Janet Huebner, CUNA Mutual Life Ins. Co.
  • Mark Mandel, AmCad, LLC
  • Peter Ransome, Active Data Services
  • J. Timothy Sprehe, Sprehe Information Management Associates
  • Rob Averbach, Averbach Consulting, LLC
  • Bradley Bowers, CASNET
  • Charles Dollar, Cohasset Associates
  • Sheila Hoffert, Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society
  • Dalton Luz, Politec, Inc.
  • Carolyn Offutt, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Paul K. Schulte, Medtronic, Inc.
  • Monica Crocker, The MACRO Group, Inc.
  • Robert Blatt, Electronic Image Designers, Inc.
  • Virginia Jones, City of Newport News
  • Arvind Krishna, Tital Systems Corp.
  • Addie Mattox, @doc
  • William S. Parks, CITGO Petroleum Corp.
  • W. Camden Gass, Deere & Company
  • Mary Hamiel, Principal Financial Group
  • Greg Mennegar, Western Microfilm Services, Inc.
  • Robert Mottice, Bell & Howell Information and Learning
  • Daniel Stence, Silicon Plains Technologies Inc.
  • Christopher Thompson, Recognition Research Inc.
  • Martha Williams, KPMG Consulting


  • Carl Frappaolo, The Delphi Group
  • Jack Frost, docHarbor
  • Lisa Weinandt, Rorke  Data, Inc.


  • Baird W. Brueseke, Captiva Software
  • Cynthia A. Collins, Collins & Collins Consulting
  • Gregory W. Contos, Anacomp
  • B. John Masters, Jr., ImageMax
  • Donald D. Scott, West Group
  • Suresh V. Shenoy, IMC, Inc.


  • Edwin L LoTurco, PCDocs, Inc.
  • Dennis McMullen, Image by Mac
  • Nancy L. Muckle, Muckle Co., Inc.
  • David Peters


  • Barry W. Fallon, Micrographics Systems, Inc.
  • Cathy Horrall, Lloyd Lamont Design, Inc.
  • Kenneth K. Fukunaga, Fukunaga Matayoshi Hershey & Ching
  • David A. Noack, EDS
  • Jane Pugh, Virginia Retirement System
  • Linda Wallace, FileNet Corp.


  • Teresa A.G. Daniel, MTC Technology
  • Barbara Irion, Pacotech, Inc.
  • Susan M. Law, Jacobs Engineering Group
  • Adam Santavicca, Anacomp Inc.
  • Robert L Vilven, Mobile Micrographics
  • Frederick Von Dollen, West Coast Information Systems


  • Carl Disparti, Minolta Document Imaging, Inc.
  • Harold Hussey, The Bank of New York
  • Heinz Muller-Saala, Mikrofilm-Studio Sud.


  • John B. Breeden, Virginia Retirement Systems
  • Betsy A. Fanning, Westinghouse Electric Corp.
  • Herbert J. White, The Genealogical Society of Utah
  • Jim Loveridge, The Boston Co.


  • Robert Breslawski, Eastman Kodak Co.
  • Gregory P. Colton, Graphic Sciences, Inc.
  • Barry N. Lurie, Ph.D., Unisys Corp.
  • Thornton A. May, Tenex Consulting
  • John A. Slavcoff, Image Data systems
  • Robert L. Willliams, Digital Equipment Corp.


  • Erwin Cooley, South Bay Imaging
  • Jeffry P. Kalmon, TIMCO
  • Linda Kempster, Strategic Management Resources, Ltd.
  • Mike Morrell, Deere & Co.
  • Harry Siegel, ANR Pipeline Co.
  • Ron Throunk, Anacomp Inc.


  • William G. Hogan, Information Technology, Inc.
  • John R. Glover, Alpha Micrographics
  • Roy C. Johns, ComgraphiX, Inc.
  • Paul Sykes, Information Handling Services
  • Phillip G. Wilk, San Diego Gas & Electric Co.


  • Jeanne M. Neal, Digital Equipment Corp.
  • William Ptacek, State of Nebraska
  • Leon Rajkowski, AIG
  • Brent Reber, Genealogical Society of Utah
  • Susen Vogt


  • Burton Granat – Microtek/Microfilm Techniques, Inc.
  • Richard Harrington – State of Virginia
  • Jeff Turner – Anacomp Inc.


  • Mike Fisher – L.A. Times
  • Jim Fitzgerald – Micro-Page Harris/Microsystems
  • William E. Neale – Zytron Corp.
  • Beverlee Nunnari – Reliance Electric
  • Joseph Reljac – Compucom


  • Donald Newman – Oce Industries
  • MSTC  - In recognition of Whitney Minkler and Michael Thomas
  • Rodd S. Exelbert – Rodd S. Exelbert Associates
  • Patricia Shipp – CIMD
  • Joy Bradford – The Bank of New York
  • William A. Fischer – MTI


  • Carl J. Anderson, 3M Co.
  • Eric Erickson, Geneological Society of Utah
  • Adolph J. Gawin, Bell & Howell Co. (Retired)
  • Richard E. Koehler, The Church of Latter-Day Saints
  • Elizabeth Jones, Houston Lighting and Power Co.
  • Mark Ostroot, The Bankers Life Insurance Co.
  • Robert J. Varson, Bureau of Census, Dept of Commerce
  • Joseph F. Miller, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co.


  • Roselyn Andrews, Aydrin
  • Michael J. Badal, AT & T Bell Labs
  • Connis O. Brown, Jr. (Posthumous)
  • Ray Carden, Assured Information Systems
  • D.M. “Barney” Gidders, AMERICOM of Washington
  • Lisa Polisar, U.S. Dept of Justice
  • Robert G. Wyllie, MICOR


  • Richard R. Brenneman, Oce Industries, Inc.
  • James F. Dalton, Sr., Retired (formerly with Keuffel & Esser)
  • Heinz Dettling, University Microforms Int.
  • Patricia M. McDonnell (Consultant)
  • John R. “Dick” Meuler, Jorm Microlab, Inc.
  • Marvin L. Samlan, Oce Industries
  • Barton E. Snyder, U.S. Forest Service
  • Stuart M. Soll, Zenith Radio Corp.
  • Paul F. Vaiana, Deere and Co.


  • Richard Baranovich, Pacific Power and Light Co.
  • David T. Bogue, Zytron Corp.
  • Roy E. Johnson, Grinnell Mutuals
  • Mike Moskerintz, Nationwide Insurance
  • Dr. Francis S. Spreitzer, Library, Univ. of Southern California
  • Robert Zagami, Information Technology Inc.


  • Earl Dupuis, Canadian Government
  • Col. Leonard S. Lee, Access Corp.
  • Edward P. McCanna, Photo Copy Service
  • Leslie G. McFarlane, New York City Courts
  • Jacklyn Popiul, 1st Nationwide Savings
  • Hanley Riess, Burns & Roe


  • Mary Louise Bishop, U.S. Air Force
  • Frank J. Brock, Agfa Gevaert, Inc.
  • Preston Darland, Brown & Root
  • Joseph G. Hardy, U.S. Army
  • Ben Harris, Harris Associates
  • David R. Linke, Petroleum Information
  • Ralph Ragomo, U.S. Navy
  • Mark C. Robinson, Raytheon Co.


  • Dan Brathal, 3M Co.
  • Malcom Foster, Reader’s Digest
  • Lois Long, Samsonite Corp.
  • Al Leisinger, National Archives
  • Frank Malabarba, U.S. Navy


  • Thomas C. Berney, Bell & Howell Co.
  • William Marshall, Southern Microfilm Co.
  • Ralph K. Miller, Georgia Power Co.
  • Theodore R. Montuori, Eastman Kodak Co.


  • Charles B. Foster, Honeywell Information Systems
  • Eugene Pawlowski, Graphic Microfilm Inc.
  • William H. Potter, Southern Illinois University
  • John G. Spielman, General Electric Co.
  • Frances G. Spigai, Lockheed Research Laboratory
  • Alfred J. Thomas, Eastman Kodak Co.


  • Robert F. Asleson, R.R. Bowker Co.
  • Ronald F. Gordon, Federal Aviation Admin.
  • Margaret Watson, Texas Institute for Rehabilitation & Research


  • William L. Brayer, Seattle, WA
  • Edward F. Conway, Westinghouse Motor & Industrial Control
  • Thomas J. Devlin, Exxon Production Research Co.
  • James Fehniger, Eastman Kodak Co.
  • Donald R. Kramer, Western Electric Co.
  • Jack LaHart, Micrographic Development, State of Illinois
  • Henry J. Loyborg, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Robert J. Schug, Wallace Industries


  • Lester C. Goodchild, New York City Courts
  • John Snyder, Los Angeles Times
  • Peter Urbach, NTIS, Dept. of Commerce
  • Barbara Anderson, Stromberg DatagraphiX
  • Maj. Alexander Beim, U.S. Army
  • Frederick Sperry, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  • Gerald Brown, Missouri Pacific Railroad
  • Robert Olson, Information Handling Services
  • Lester Kruger, 3M Co.
  • Francisc Kueht, Kalvar Corp.


  • Louis Zeh, Jr., Access Corp.
  • Harvey Rust, Microfilm Center
  • Belden Menkus, Consultant
  • C.D. Lasser, John Deere Co.
  • Charles LaHood, Library of Congress
  • Michael Gangemi, John Hancock Life Ins. Co.
  • Edith Holland, Recorder of Deeds, Exeter, NH
  • John Kolb, Eastman Kodak Co.
  • Eddie Burns, Graphic Microfilm of N.E.
  • William Suydam, Bell Telephone Labs


  • Richard C. Donaldson, Fluor Corp.
  • Elizabeth J. Gibson, Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith
  • Dorothy Pfeiffer Haueter, U.S. Navy (Retired)
  • Robert F. Haynes, U.S. Government Printing Office
  • Melvin J. Kirschner, Honeywell
  • Richard W. Loud, General Microfilm Co.
  • Ronald A. Marcelle, Micrographics Enterprises
  • Henry E. Petersen, 3M Co.
  • William E. Townsend, Eastman Kodak Co.