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Most organizations still operate in a hybrid world of electronic forms and signatures mixed with paper documents that need to be digitized and documents still requiring wet signatures, holding up the implementation of "Systems of Engagement". Automated capture of information as early as possible in the business process and as close to the point of origination produces cleaner data, resulting in higher quality information, less exception handling and better process management.

Your Mandate - Digitize Your Processes
Drive paper bottlenecks out of processes and automate process flows. The more important the process is to a business, the greater the impact such improvements will have. Once paper-based information moves into the digital realm it can be used to enrich social and mobile applications. In paper form, that information might as well not exist since no one can get to it without great effort.


White Paper

This white paper takes a comprehensive look into how businesses can leverage AP Automation to reduce costs, enhance worker productivity and improve their ability to drive more to their bottom line. The white paper closely examines the benefits, value and ROI that AP ...

Case Study

Adactus Housing, a large housing association in the UK, set for itself three key operational goals – growing the organisation, increasing efficiency and improving service – which lead to the creation of an action plan to reduce the cost of back office ...

Case Study

e-docs is a UK leading Business Process Outsourcing company that offers a wide variety of software systems and document management services primarily in the areas of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Recently e-docs UK was tasked by one of their clients, ...

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by Lisa Ricciuti Information Management Consultant for Smart Info Management Services

As noted in my previous posting, Screen Space, I started observing which of my habits were resulting in the production of paper.  Just to recap, one of the main reasons I still produce paper is ... Read more ›

by Marc Solomon Senior Knowledge Manager for FSG

I have now been employed over the last two decades as a manager of knowledge on behalf of Peter Drucker's legion of postindustrial knowledge workers: the folks who are paid according to how well... Read more ›

by Lisa Ricciuti Information Management Consultant for Smart Info Management Services

As part of an ongoing goal to be paperless, or as paper-free as possible, I started observing my actions to see which ones resulted in production of paper.  Here are my key paper-producing actio... Read more ›