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Cloud computing concepts and deployment types.

cloud Cloud

"The business" is increasingly demanding that IT staffs produce solutions that take advantage of the cloud and that are: 1) responsive to new demands to engage customers, suppliers, and employees; 2) quick to deploy; 3) more agile and modular than monolithic (i.e., more like an "app").

Your Mandate - Commit to the Cloud
Break down monolithic "enterprise" solutions into more “app like” solutions that can be deployed quickly independent of platform and in the cloud.


Industry Research

Many well-established ECM systems have struggled with two growing collaboration needs: quickly and easily linking external project partners into the content-sharing environment, and giving all users access to collaborative content and approval workflows from thei ...

AIIM White Paper

Organizations that are still debating the critical importance of mobile are missing the point. The “mobile ship” has sailed and organizations that do not respond do so at their long-term peril. A new mobile reality is upon us. You need to u ...

AIIM White Paper

According to AIIM research, most CIOs accept that the decision is when to move content applications to the cloud rather than whether to. Content collaboration using cloud applications brings particular benefits, but the sensit ...

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by Dennis Kempner President for Biel's Document Management

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We are in the midst of a transition within the content management and collaboration space, and the rate of change is only accelerating. There are so many moving parts, so many big bets being mad... Read more ›