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pie Big Data

"Big Data" is a top issue for CIOs that really reflects a more fundamental challenge for the business -- "How do I help my organization become analytics-driven in order to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve competitiveness?" Or more simply, "how do I extract value from all this information I am accumulating?"

Your Mandate - Mine Big Content
Find insights and value in massive aggregations of unstructured information and explore what big data will mean for information professionals. A key reason why it is important to be knowledgeable about "big data" is that these analytic tools are breaking down the walls between structured and unstructured information, a distinction upon which much of our past value proposition was based.


Industry Research

In this research report we take a “Big Data meets Big Content” approach, recording how users see the potential benefits of big data analytics involving both structured (transactional) and unstructured (text-based) content. We explore the most popular ...

AIIM White Paper

There is a frenzy around big data today. But beneath the froth and the hype is this underlying and undeniable fact: big data will change the world. Companies – you – need to start looking beyond the hype and the technology to learn how you ...

Industry Research

Governance is still causing problems for SharePoint users. Management of metadata and taxonomies, and control of site proliferation, are given as the two biggest on-going technical issues in our survey, with missing functionality as the third. Nearly half of our ...

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by Jeffrey Lewis Records Management Program Manager for SOL Capital Management

Once again, I want to say you thank you so much for choosing to attend my session. You were a great audience and I am sorry about going over and not having a chance to answer everyone's question... Read more ›

by Jeff Shuey Director of Strategic Alliances for Gimmal

The implications of commodity storage are not hard to determine. The prices are going down. The game is afoot. The vendors want your data. They want your money. They want to hook you now to “ser... Read more ›

by Johannes Scholtes Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer for ZyLAB

Every company and government organisation has defined goals, targets and strategies for their success or growth, with established timelines for each proposed deliverable.  But along the way, all... Read more ›